Salsa Wars

I make excellent salsa. I like my own salsa so much that I will not buy commercial salsas, and I am usually disappointed with restaurant salsa. I use a recipe that my dear friend Susan sent me; I think that she got it from the Austin American Statesman.  I make salsa every week or two because it is noticeably superior to other salsas. Except for my friend Don’s.  I am peeved by the possibility that I may like Don’s salsa more than I like mine, and he won’t share the recipe. Selfish, selfish, selfish  So, today I spent the morning carefully inspecting and comparing a batch he gave us with a batch of my own. 

salsaThe first thing I noticed, because my husband pointed it out, is that Don’s salsa is chunkier–probably chopped by hand.  I’m not doing that.  I make fantastic salsa in the blender, but I’ll consider holding back portions to add at the end to create an illusion of knife work.  A few carefully dipped chips later brings me to the conclusion that Don uses less cumin.  Too bad.  I really enjoy cumin.  It approaches the position of magic ingredient.  Okay, I have been doubling the amount called for in the recipe, so I’ll cut back.  Then there are all those obvious green onions floating arounod in the salsa.  Of course!  I happen to have a couple in the fridge.  I’ll throw them into my batch today-at the end so that they can remain recognizable slices.
The final touch:  I know that Don roasts his jalapenos.  I carefully blacken mine today before tossing them into the blender.  Does it make a difference? Unfortunately, yes.  Although, I suspect that he might add a drop of liquid smoke or roast his tomatoes too.  Then, there is the question of tomatillos.  Does he use them?  I do!  Maybe he does not use as many, but how can I be sure? 

Fortunately, today’s batch of salsa with roasted jalapeno and green onions was fantastic.  Was it better than Don’s?  I’m not sure because we finished off his little gift jar today.  I may have to wait until next summer to find out.  


One thought on “Salsa Wars

  1. well well my brilliant, wittiest of the witty and wonderful cook—- pretty good blog and I ‘d wager that salsa is mighty scrumptious!!


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