Pleased to meet you, hope you…

I used to be more adamant about incorporating Creative Writing exercises into my English classes.  The past few years, unfortunately, I’ve had to spend a great deal time reviewing the basics of syntax, grammar, and paragraph structure; therefore, essay writing instruction has taken up more and more of our fun time.  One recent Friday when the students had just turned in their final copies of essays, I didn’t have the stamina to dive into a new unit right away.  I suspected that the students didn’t either.  Remembering a goofy post that I saw on Facebook,  I challenged the students to write the story of how we met, but make it a lie.  I gave them a few quick examples such as meeting Peter (the quietest kid in the class) when he was working as the bouncer at a bar where my band was playing.  As I said, these stories were supposed to be lies.

Turns out that the kids are pretty good at telling tales.  In their various versions of our meetings, I was a spy, a prison guard, a prisoner, a helpful grandmother, a crazy cat lady, Jane (from Tarzan), and a drug smuggler among other things.  While my regular English 3 students usually characterized me as someone nice, three of my honors kids killed me off.  (Am I working them too hard?)  At least they tried to warn me not to try to climb that mountain in my Victorian dress and boots.


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