take a book, leave a book

Our neighborhood has one of these.  I have  walked or jogged past it many, many times but had never taken advantage of it until yesterday.  I took a first step and dropped off three books.  The books were mysteries that my mother purchased and read while she was visiting.  She left them here, thinking that I might enjoy them and trying to minimize the weight of her suitcase.  I confess that I liked to read best-seller type mysteries when I was younger, but my taste in literature and my choices of how I spend my time have changed. So the mysteries had been in the house taking up shelf space since last summer.  Now they’re taking up shelf space in the little free library.  I hope that someone will pick them up and enjoy them.  I’ve never seen anyone take or leave a book.  I’ve never seen anyone even stop and consider the contents.   Since I was dropping off the books as part of my warm-up for my run, I didn’t spend time perusing the selection either.    I like having charming little oddities in the neighborhood, so I’ll try to encourage the library’s survival by participating.   I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “take a book, leave a book

  1. I’ve left a book or two in the free mini-library around the corner from my house. I feel happy every time I pass one. You’ve reminded me to contribute again. Maybe this time I’ll find a book to take too.

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