Me and my Marcus

Three weeks ago, we adopted a new cat. As the shelter volunteer remarked (over and over) “he’s really quite a lovely boy.” And he really is. I’m very fond of him. But I still miss my Pilgrim.

Pilgrim was my cat–or rather I was his person–for over nineteen years. That cat loved me more than anything: more than he loved his breakfast or even his companion cat, ZipperMarie. Sometimes, with Grim in my lap, purring and looking at me with his beautiful gray-green eyes, I’d remark that my cat loved me more than my husband did. My most-excellent husband would usually reassure me that he loved me as much as my cat did because it was impossible to love me more.

I miss that kind of affection. That knowledge that I was the favorite. Zipper missed Pilgrim too, and I was sorry that she was so lonely. When I thought that I was ready to be somebody’s person again,we visited the shelter and found Marcus. Cute, shy, abandoned, little Marcus who seemed to need me so very much.

And he did. Following the “introducing cats to cats” protocol, we kept him in a separate room at first. I would sit on the floor of the laundry room until he felt comfortable enough to come out from behind the washing machine and let me pet him and eventually sit in my lap. We had some warm, cuddly times on the rug–until he saw the shadow of Zipper’s paws walk past the door. He now had a mission other than being my snuggle buddy. He deduced how to manipulate the pocket door and freed himself on the third night. He and Zip apparently spent the night staring at each other because we didn’t know about the escape until the morning.

Since then, his only goal is to play with her and snuggle up with her. She’s not buying it yet. She’ll chase him and sit on the same surface with him, but she refuses to let him too close. No Cuddling Allowed! He mews and sniffs and is as cute as can be, but the Princess will not relent.


In the meantime, I’m trying to get him to curl up with me! With minimal success. I’m permitted some belly-rubs, face scritches, and general stroking, but only when he’s in the mood. He will not sit on my lap during TV time. Instead, he sits on the floor where he can keep an eye on Zipper as she sits in my husband’s lap.

I know that I’m being unfair to expect him to worship me like Pilgrim did. However, I’m hoping that next week will bring us a little closer. He’s so cute!



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