The cute kleptomaniac

We’re thinking about changing Marcus’ name to Fagan or Dodger because he’s such a little thief.  Just a few weeks ago when I’d  hear him play, I would think “Oh my sweet boy is having fun!” ; now I think “Uh-oh! What’s he got this time?”  I’ve found  him adorably tossing and batting something only to discover that he snagged it from the table, the nightstand, the bathtub, or even my purse.  He has a penchant for ballpoint pens–red ones, but we’ve also caught him with corks, earplugs, lip balm, Q-tips, and a ginger candy.  He likes to carry things around in his mouth, so things that belong upstairs wind up downstairs and vice-versa.

Years ago, my mother had a cat who must have been a magpie in a former life.  He’d collect shiny things and stash them behind a door.  When we noticed our Christmas tree was quite bare at the bottom, we’d have to retrieve Flash’s treasures and rehang them.

Now I’m dreading Christmas more than usual.  We’ll see how long Marcus can resist stealing his own stocking.


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