the simple things

As I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, I put away a few of these glass bowls and marveled at how often I use them and how much I enjoy them.  We purchased the bowls after attending a fairly elegant pot-luck buffet (yes, there are such things!) where our salad looked particularly tacky.  You see, the hostess had requested that I bring a salad with everything on the side.  The guest of honor was a notoriously picky eater who wouldn’t even eat tomatoes or green onions, let alone roasted beets or lemon cucumbers.  Being a vegetarian, I understand food preferences, so I was perfectly willing to accommodate the request.  I put together the ingredients for a greek-style salad, and–since everything was on the side– added a few options.  But when it came time to put these tasty ingredients into their little option-bowls, I discovered that I didn’t really have anything other than soup bowls.  For a household with four sets of dishes, the lack of serviceable containers was surprising.  We cobbled together a motley assortment of cups, miso bowls, and our smallest mixing bowls–hence the shabby showing on the buffet table.

Now, with my two sets of small glass bowls, I have eight perfectly matched containers for olives, sieved eggs, tomatoes, or whatever needs to circle the salad bowl. (I would have ten, but I left two at a party long ago.)  And of course we use them for much more than salads!  They hold the taco toppings or sauce options or nuts. We use them for mise-en-place when we cook.   Since our group of friends includes people who are sensitive to lactose and gluten (and those pesky vegetarians!), the bowls are perfect for holding ingredients for build-your-own-pizza night.  We use them for parties; we use them every day.  One is sitting on the counter right now holding blueberries that I picked from our bushes.

These little bowls might be simple, but their simplicity and their size are what make them so versatile and useful.  I love them.


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