Time and Green Beans

I took out the green beans today.  Some of the vines had already dried up, and the rest were covered with an unappetizing mildew thanks to a morning rain shower last weekend.  We finished off the last of the beans last night in some “Basil Fettuccine with Green Beans, Walnuts, and Crème Fraîche” from  The Greens Cookbook that had us licking the bottom of the bowls because it was so good.  The homegrown beans and basil gave the dish a real freshness, but the homemade pasta is what made it really special.  Homemade Basil Pasta.  Yes: fresh, homemade pasta is that much better than dried from the store.  Why don’t we make it every time we have pasta?  Time.  This is a three day weekend, so we had time.  This three day weekend also allowed me to get caught up on my lesson plans and some of my grading.  And get my car serviced.  And take out the green beans.  Why can’t I get everything done on a regular weekend and still have time for homemade pasta?


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