Most of my friends know that I have a big, fat crush on Charlie Rose.  I find his gentlemanly interview style thoughtful and interesting.  Plus, he’s tall, and I think he has the most fascinating job in the world.  Whenever I have a break from work, I like to watch the Charlie Rose Show at lunch.   Charlie’s first guest today was Mandy Patinkin who spoke passionately, intelligently,  and fearlessly about going to Greece to help Syrian Refugees, about Homeland and The Princess Bride, and about the need for hope and intellect and imagination.  Now I have a big, fat crush on Mandy Patinkin!  He stressed the value and the need to show people a better way to live in order to save them and us from lives of fear and violence.  I can’t begin to do justice to his message; you’ll just have to watch it (click on the link above to find it).  I will just leave you with a line that struck me:  “Be grateful for the risk of life.”


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