Joyful, Happy, Merry

So far this December, we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a “Night before Hanukkah” celebration, an early Christmas dinner party, and a Solstice party to “gather together and huddle against the dark”.  These three gatherings  were quite different from one another in terms of things like decor, presence of young children, or formality of the table.  Yet they all shared the necessary components of a successful fête:  good food, good wine, and good conversation.  Warm, crispy latkes pair quite well with a dry Sauvignon Blanc, spiced by a lively discussion of the play “Disgraced”.  Wild mushroom risotto dusted with truffle cheese served in a lustrous white china bowl next to gleaming silver vases filled with white, green and scarlet flowers was made even more delicious by the Pinot Noir and the unexpected topic of Collegiate Softball.   The Solstice Buffet was ever changing as new guests brought in new offerings, while the wine, Negroni cocktails, and conversations swirled and flowed from gardening to pets to last year’s Hockney exhibit at the deYoung.  As we said our goodbyes, the Solstice hostess and I vowed to get together to “try new things in 2016”.  Here’s to trying new things and to all the reasons for celebration and to having something to talk about.  Cheers!


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