Motivation, or lack thereof

Before the two week holiday break began, I was filled with ideas and plans for how I would spend my unstructured time: exercise, read, see some friends, cook something new, bring about world peace,–even tailor some too-large pants.  Have I done so?  Not even close.  Spraining my ankle at 8am on my first free day limited my exercise potential.  All my other limitations are of my own making.  I’ve been doing lots of reading–on the internet.  Cooking I do by necessity, and I might be slowly growing into those pants since all I want to do is sleep late and shop online for sweaters because it’s so freaking cold. Is that so terribly bad?  Or just lazy?

Meanwhile, my über disciplined husband is physically cleaning out old files and drawings in preparation for the new year.  I need to snap out of this, but how?   Is there such a thing as the post-holiday mehs?


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