Healthy Imagination

Since I sprained my ankle, I’ve been looking for workout possibilities that wouldn’t aggravate the injury.  (I made the mistake of jogging on it three days after I sprained it.  Did not enjoy the aftermath.)  I’ve found a surprising array of options.   Well+Good has a several nice workouts on their site; I’m particularly fond of the Arms for Abs workout. This morning, I tried the “Hurt Foot Workout” on YouTube, and I’ll do it again tomorrow in spite of laughing myself silly trying to lift my butt while lying on my stomach. (Laughter is a good ab workout, right?) The number and variety of ambitious and generous trainers sharing exercises on the internet is staggering.

Quelle coincidence that my TV boyfriend, Charlie Rose, was speaking today  with Sebastian Thrun, the CEO of Udacity.  They talked about education, of course, but Thrun also talked about astounding possibilities for technology in medicine.  His remarks about diagnostics are what I remember.  He spoke of using a cell phone camera equipped with a particular app to diagnose skin cancer, or using a voice recorder that could notice subtle differences in cadence or vocabulary that might indicate the onset of dementia.  Thrun is an enthusiastic speaker, and I was captivated.  I suspect that he might have glossed over some of the deeper questions, but he stressed the importance of imagination and breaking the rules (after you learn them) when solving a problem.   The interview can be found on  See what you think.  Me, I think I’ll try to be healthy and imaginative in 2016.


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