Winter Market

The lady at market stand said, “You haven’t been here in a long time.” I smiled and mumbled something about being busy or grouchy or both. (Think there’s a correlation there?) The reality of our little farmer’s market is that the offerings get so (understandably) diminished in the winter months that visiting the vendors does nothing for my gray, winter mood. I do not wish to buy a pie, a samosa, a bottle of green juice, the best granola in the world, a dog treat, or any other prepared item. I want some fruit! I want tasty vegetables! “I want to wear my sandals and go out to lunch.”

The kind vendor offered me a promise of spring. Next week, they’ll have snow peas and asparagus. She then listed off more treats to come in the following weeks including fava beans and green peas! So as El Niño gets ready to flood our garage again, I’m drawing nourishment from my cookbook collection while I eat a baggy mandarin (sad winter produce) and plan future risottos, stir-fries, and omelets. Spring forward, everyone!

Side Project

When the talented Suzanne Arca designed the planting plan for our front yard, she included plans for the side yard too.  We completed the front yard almost two years ago, but the side yard was left alone until our energy and money supplies were replenished.  Like many things that sit for awhile, the side yard began to talk  to us and give ideas about what it should look like.

front yard
View of the front yard

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