Side Project

When the talented Suzanne Arca designed the planting plan for our front yard, she included plans for the side yard too.  We completed the front yard almost two years ago, but the side yard was left alone until our energy and money supplies were replenished.  Like many things that sit for awhile, the side yard began to talk  to us and give ideas about what it should look like.

front yard
View of the front yard

The conversation started with some leftover dirt and rocks.  We added more rocks, and what had been conceived  as a flat, open planting became a raised bed.  I carried most of  the rocks while Tom built the low wall and made sure that the lines were straight.

rock bed
These rocks got heavy!


We continued to look at Suzanne’s drawing as we figured out how to revise the planting for a smaller space.  Some trips to the nursery for soil amendments and  plants, and we are on our way.  We are far from finished, but we like what we have so far.  What do you think?

side yard planting so far!

I’ll let you know how the finished (as much as any garden project is ever finished) turns out.


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