Hey Baby, where’ve you been hiding?

When I was in college, I didn’t listen to the radio.  I listened to plenty of music: live music in bars, cassettes in my car, and the constant rotation of EmmyLou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Genesis,  The Doobie Brothers, and other such records back in the little college apartment that I shared with roommates.  When I became a radio listener again, I felt like someone who’d been trapped in a bomb shelter (or the reserve book room of the library) because I had no idea what was popular or who these bands were.  I guess that I’ve been under a rock again, because I did not know that “dick pics” were so ubiquitous until I read this hilarious article that responds to such pictures in the style of famous authors.  I shared some of my favorites with my husband.  He laughed and then quoted a one of his musician friends, who also works for a dating site, as saying that their site receive dick pics all the time; they’re second only to head shots. Wow.  That information makes me so happy to be safely and happily married and to have plenty of daily trials and joys and chores that keep me from thinking about such pictures or their senders for too long.  (But the parodies are funny.  You should read them. I’d use some of them in my classroom if the subject weren’t so inappropriate)