Local Effects

While Southern California is on fire right now, our little island looks relatively green and healthy.  Looks being the operative word here because the effects of the drought have been stealthy in our little neighborhood.  We had a good winter here in the Bay Area with near average rainfall, so everyone was breathing sighs of relief until this summer.  We’ve all gotten used to brown lawns and rock gardens, but the loss of two trees on our block is a reminder that California is still suffering from years of below-average rainfall. Continue reading “Local Effects”


Garden Overflow

“Warm and lovely mystery, can you hear the choir?”  Jackson Browne and I are singing in the kitchen as I make zucchini bread because singing along with Jackson is a great way to stay inspired while cooking.  I think it’s those bubbling Leland Sklar Bass lines.  I have to stay inspired because while I was gone for four days, the garden went into unchecked production, so my husband charged me with finding ways to use green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers.   Continue reading “Garden Overflow”