Garden Overflow

“Warm and lovely mystery, can you hear the choir?”  Jackson Browne and I are singing in the kitchen as I make zucchini bread because singing along with Jackson is a great way to stay inspired while cooking.  I think it’s those bubbling Leland Sklar Bass lines.  I have to stay inspired because while I was gone for four days, the garden went into unchecked production, so my husband charged me with finding ways to use green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers.  

I tackled green beans first and used up one pound and ten ounces in two recipes.  Green beans don’t weigh very much, so one pound is an impressive mound of beans to top and tail.  Since my friends had taken me to Carson Kitchen while I was in Vegas, I decided to attempt those addictive Tempura Green Beans.  Our at-home version was a moderate (if messy) success.  I wimped out on making the pepper jelly and just used storebought, so the cream cheese dip wasn’t quite as spicy.  We still ate every single bean and licked our fingers afterward.  The second green bean recipe was this mouth watering French Potato and Green Bean Salad from the New York Times.  I could eat this salad all day.  The dressing is so garlicky and mustardy and yummy, and the veggies are a nice contrast of crisp and soft, and it’s just delicious.  And it used a full pound of green beans.

Today is zucchini day with the afore-mentioned bread and a zucchini, cherry tomato, goat cheese pizza tonight.  Do you have any good ideas for cucumbers before I go turn Jackson over on the turntable?


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