On Zucchini and Failure

For a blissful thirty minutes yesterday, the refrigerator crisper was free of zucchini.  I had successfully used up all my delicious green goblins in a zucchini parmesan and this yummy Very Full Tart (from Plenty).  vftart Then I went outside to the garden where two more ripe zukes awaited harvest.  Le sigh.

I’ve had to be happy with small successes this summer because more things didn’t happen than did.I did not take any classes.  I did not lose any weight or improve my running.  I didn’t get something that I really wanted, and the ptosis repair of my left eyelid failed.  Now my car is in the shop.  I do realize that these are the minor problems of a privileged person, but they are, nevertheless, disappointments.  So today I have to focus on my minor accomplishments and keep moving forward.

We did have a fabulous week with my sister and her fiancé that included hiking in Lake Tahoe and a Lyle Lovett concert in Saratoga, and we did host a fun (and tasty!) patio party in honor of a friend.  I’m relieved to say that my mother’s health is stable and her happiness (and therefore mine) is improving. And I’ve been clever about using all this squash in a variety of ways that haven’t gotten boring, even if that means three loaves of zucchini bread in the freezer so far.  Savory Mexican-style crepes are planned for the weekend.

I’m picking myself up and dusting myself off, getting the car and the eyelid fixed, and breathing in and breathing out.  Just you wait until all my tomatoes get ripe!



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