One Weed at a Time…

I fret over too many things that are well beyond my control.  I fret over my mother’s health and the upcoming election.  I fret over traffic, truth, and the demise of a 35 year old turntable.  Feral cats, students, my squinky eye, or just about anything can hijack my brain and set it to spinning a recording of worries that is not productive.  To counteract this ridiculous loop,  I turn to something that I can control: weeds. I pull weeds, and I try to meditate as I do so.   Yep,  weeding is meditation.  I select one part of the yard and start pulling.  Today it was the front path and the thin planting bed next to the house.  I pulled with my fingers or with the fork and yanked those suckers.  I gave the pulled weeds the name of a problem and dropped them in an empty kitty litter bucket.  At the end of about an hour, I had cleaner planting beds, a clearer head, and a tiny sense of control.  But I have really dirty fingernails.


Lessons and Reflections from a Small Summer

The freight train that is the school year has started and is pulling me along with it.  Granted, I am hanging on to a handle and flying behind, but I have a few moments today to think back on the summer.  I call this one a small summer because we didn’t take any big trips nor did we complete any big home improvement projects.  We tackled small things, and–when we did get away–long weekends to destinations under 4 hours away were our trips of the summer.  So what did I notice about this small summer?  Here are a few thoughts: Continue reading “Lessons and Reflections from a Small Summer”