Lessons and Reflections from a Small Summer

The freight train that is the school year has started and is pulling me along with it.  Granted, I am hanging on to a handle and flying behind, but I have a few moments today to think back on the summer.  I call this one a small summer because we didn’t take any big trips nor did we complete any big home improvement projects.  We tackled small things, and–when we did get away–long weekends to destinations under 4 hours away were our trips of the summer.  So what did I notice about this small summer?  Here are a few thoughts:

  • I am much more productive on a set schedule.
  • Losing my looks is hard to accept.  I’m vainer than I realized, and I don’t like that either.
  • Homegrown tomatoes are one of life’s great pleasures.
  • Homegrown tomatoes always come to full production after I go back to work.
  • I will always forget or neglect something when preparing for houseguests.  (Our so called guest towels looked shamefully shabby when we pulled them out.  We’ve since upgraded)
  • The location or intensity of a hike does not matter when I’m with my friends and (maybe) their nice dogs.  Conversation and camaraderie matter.
  • Sometimes, just sitting is okay.
  • The San Francisco Swedenborgian Church is a beautiful building and lovely community of fascinating people.
  • People come up with interesting projects that I would never think of like photographing all 80 lakes in the desolation wilderness or composing music that illustrates climate change.  
  • I’m a lucky woman.





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