Some thoughts about my sister this week of her wedding

Imagine a giant button that reads “I’M SORRY!”  My sister threatened to wear such a blanket apology to her high school reunion, and we laughed because, well, we knew her back then. She could be hard to live with. She threw things.  She borrowed clothes and shoes that mysteriously got lost or ruined.  (One pair of running shoes showed up at a friend’s flooded house years and years later.)  Her sarcastic remarks were legendary as was her tendency to answer a question with an attack.  I think that she was probably a little nicer at school than at home, but maybe she wasn’t.  Yet, when I think of her now, that mean girl is hard to imagine.

My sister has grown to be humorous, generous, kind, and the person who keeps the family together.  She opens her home for all the celebrations, and she makes everybody feel welcome.  She dotes on our niece and nephew, buying them great presents and arranging fun outings.  She drives Mama to appointments and deals with the doctors.  She makes sure that we vegetarians are fed well in the land of barbecue, and she hasn’t thrown anything at me in decades. And as a real testament to her humanity: her almost grown children (who have inherited her flair for showmanship) adore her and want her to be happy.  I do too.

So, my darling sister Susie, I wish you every happiness as you officially tie the knot with your sweetie.  I think grown-up love is swell.  Cheers and love, and yes, you can borrow my shoes.





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