Autumn in Alameda

Today is a glorious fall day full of slanting sunshine and soft breezes.  And, since it rained last weekend while we were away for my sister’s wedding, the yard is full of redwood duff.  It’s on the patio, the deck, the path, in the plants, in my hair, and where ever else it may drop. So, I’ve been sweeping and raking up duff and debris this morning (after a very pleasant walk to breakfast at WesCafe and a stroll through the farmer’s market on the way home), and I know I’ll be sweeping again next weekend. The fallen branches and tiny cones are our backyard’s version of autumn leaves.  Yet, it’s hard to imagine that our (hopefully) rainy winter is around the corner because today is warm and clear and beckoning everyone to come outside. Still, there are hints of autumn.  When outside, we have to notice the elaborate Halloween decorations created by many of our neighbors.  Jack-o-lanterns and gravestones and  my three year old friend who wore his bumble-bee crash helmet as he walked and rolled his scooter all through his parents’ pumpkin carving party are all surely signs of the season.  My cats are getting fuzzier and sleepier, and the drug store is full of Christmas decorations, so fall must be in full swing!  Enjoy the day.  Enjoy the season.  Enjoys the changes.   conespatio



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