We recently celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary, and I am still astonished that we have been married so long.  No, not because we don’t get along, but because the time has passed so quickly.  As a later-in-life bride, I feel like we’ve been married two to maybe six years.  Five, I can believe.  Ten, not so much, and certainly not fifteen.  Yet we were married in 2001, so that makes 15!

Many things in our life reflect the passing of time. We’ve gained weight, and our hair tends to sparkle more in the sunshine. Our house looks very different from the yellow, transite covered box we moved into, and both the front and back yards are completely free of the lawns we inherited.  We started our married life with two cats: a tabby and a super fluffy masked Black and white.  While we still have a tabby and a tuxedo, they are not the kitties who came with the marriage.  The “older” generation of our family now consists only of our two moms and one uncle on each side.

All these experiences and changes make for a busy and satisfying life. So, why am I so mystified that fifteen years have passed?  Maybe it’s because the feelings haven’t changed as much as everything else, and we’re still stumbling through a happy marriage.


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