What did I read? I don’t recall…

I’ve been laid up for a few days, so I’ve been perusing lots of “Year in Review”articles, including several lists of best or favorite books of the year.  I devour those with interest, often thinking “Aw, I love that one too,” or “I intend to read that one soon.”  Then I started thinking back on the books I read this year, and I couldn’t remember very many.  What has happened to me?  Reading is and has been one of the great pleasures of my life, and my ability to recall plots, characters, and entire paragraphs has been one of my geeky talents since second grade.  Now I’m not sure what I read as recently as October. Stress?

Anyway, I just finished Don Wallace’s charming memoir, The French House, a book that makes me wish that I could hang out with the author and his wife and go surfing and have picnics and drink wine.  Thinking of that memoir reminds me of the other memoir that I do recall reading this year:  Consider the Oyster by M.F.K Fisher.   I feel the same way about Fisher that I do about Wallace in that I would have loved to have dinner and lively conversation with her.  Before Wallace, I finally read The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles simply because it had been on my shelf for years.  I could not put it down once I began, but Continue reading “What did I read? I don’t recall…”


Big Black and Beautiful

So proud of my brother-in-law! Here are some thoughts on his big, chewy, yummy Petite Sirah. And he’s sold out of his Zin (my favorite)!


Black, impenetrable crimson with staining lipstick edges.  Heady oak and cassis split the briar and sandpaper evenly between the volatility and obtuse fruit.  Mint and edgy AL, scrubbed SS and petrichor make for a Disraeli alignment of *black* and *bright*.  Holy wow this just is mind-boggling good PS.  not even gonna guess at the AL.  One of those things where I’m scared how high it might be, but at the same time am leg-humping it so hard I don’t care.  In the mouth, thick and unrelenting.  So dense and disgustingly concentrated, yet obfuscating the whole ‘Paso’ thing into tangible acid, fruit and concentration.  Here’s where it differs.  Huge banana-peel glycerin-ridden pineapple brilliance against a woody structure dripping in dark brown sugar and Liquid Smoke.  Everything feels so naturally de-riven and balanced.  Blistering tannins claw at everything sensory but never conceal the disgustingly rich fruit.  An almost ag-ed Napa Cab situation…

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