Carrot Harvest

We’re running a little late this year, but since we didn’t have much of a winter and both of us have been super busy at our jobs, it was hard to know when to plant the spring/summer garden.  Last weekend, we took the time and took the plunge!  My husband cleared out and turned two of our three raised beds, and yanked out all the carrots in the process.

IMG_1670I wasn’t expecting the harvest, but carrots are easy to use up.  I love a yummy carrot salad, but mine never taste quite like the ones in France.  I love plain old steamed carrots with dill, but two pounds is a lot of steamed carrots, so I turned to my standby:  Carrot Soup.  In our cookbook library, we have dozens of variations, but my favorite is Annie Somerville’s Carrot Soup with North African Spices from Fields of Greens.  Everybody loves it, especially me!  After the carrots are scrubbed and peeled, making the rest of the soup is easy with the use of a food processor for slicing and an immersion blender for creating that creamy texture.  The soup is thick and delicious, and I always feel as if I’m eating something gourmet and special when we make it.  Using  our homegrown carrots is just an added bonus.  IMG_1674


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