a restful weekend?

A few years ago, I asked a neighbor who had just returned from a cruise if she had a good time.  She responded that she had, but it “was really just some expensive sleep”.  I thought about that comment as I recently compared Spring Break with fellow teachers.  A few lucky ones did get away for the week or a few days;  the majority of us, however, mentioned getting tires rotated,  gardens started, a root canal, or caught up with grading.  My personal Spring Break included taking rugs to be cleaned, dealing with hot-water heater repair,  and visiting the Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility (I know you’re jealous) among other chores. 

I thought about the concept of  “expensive sleep” again on this morning as I was pulling weeds while my husband cleaned the aquarium.   It’s 11 am, Saturday as I write and we’ve already applied some paint stripper to the baseboards and window trim in our back room, planned next week’s menu, and gone to the farmer’s market—all after enjoying a (fantastic) homemade breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen.  The plan for the rest of the day doesn’t look too different from the morning: vacuuming upstairs and downstairs, pruning some plants, and a little bit of school work.  I will say that we slept in a little bit– (6:30 am instead of 6).  Tomorrow’s list includes grocery shopping, laundry, and meal prep.  Just another restful weekend.

I don’t know when life became like this.  Weekends feel like home maintenance and prep for the work week (fortunately, they usually include nice happy hours and great dinners), but I must admit that having my clothes and our meals ready to go before Monday morning makes the week easier.  We’ll just have to get away soon for some actual rest.


2 thoughts on “a restful weekend?

  1. Ah, the routines that keep us intact to teach! Working now with the National Japanese Historical Society, I miss those routines and sensible ways to keep going. You’d think with a flexible schedule life would have time for more music, pleasant dining and day dreaming, on my ineptitude with time management has finally been revealed. You actually sound smart about time.

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  2. Grace, you are too kind. I’m smart about time mostly because my husband is remarkably disciplined about getting things done! I’ve adapted (somewhat) after all these years, but I think that we all need time for daydreaming.


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